The House

North face of house
Environmentally Friendly
Holiday Accommodation

The house is a large split-level sustainable mudbrick building. It has polished floorboards and tile floors throughout and lots and lots of light. There are four bedrooms, three of which have open fireplaces. A fourth fireplace warms the large lounge room. There are two big bay windows- one in the lounge and another in the large bedroom
The house has a fully equiped kitchen with fridge and stove; a bathroom with toilet and shower and several paved verandahs and patios.
A large shade house is at the rear of the house offering an area that is insect free for eating, or for just lounging in the armchairs, reading.

Solar Energy 
Electricity is provided by solar electricity panels which, of course, depend on sunshine. There is also a back up generator and this automatically switches on if needed.
We prefer to avoid the use of the generator as it consumes fossil fuels, so please be conservative in your use of power.

The fridge is powered by gas and cooking can be done on the gas stove/oven or on the wood stove.

The water is supplied by rainwater tanks and the
hot water is heated by a solar water panel
and by the wood stove.

Main Bedroom
Piano Room
Living Room
Living Room
Bay Window
Bay window in Sitting Room

Desk corner
Desk Corner
Second bedroom
Second Bedroom
Shade House
Shade House
Front Verandah
Front Verandah

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