The Surrounds

It is thought that the front corner of the property was originally the site of a historic goldfields pub.
The land has been lovingly restored by the owners over the past 25 years.
Large old Red Gums and Grey Box dot the property.

Chinaman Creek

A long stretch of Chinaman’s Creek runs through the 50 acre property. The creek was cleared of blackberries more than five years ago and replanted with indigenous plants. With all the re-vegetation work a huge variety of native animals and birds have gradually returned.

Native Animals
The surroundings are also habitat for the rare and fascinating Phascogale (or Tuan), Black Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Sugar Gliders, Possums, Lizards, Echidnas, and an occasional Koala.
Gums and Creek

Just some of the birds you may see include:
Kookaburras; Yellow, Red and Hooded Robins;
Rufus Whistlers; Rosellas; Black Cockatoos;
Pink Galahs; Superb Blue Wrens; Honeyeaters;
Powerful Owls: Falcons and Wedgetails; and
numerous others. 
Around The House
The garden is dotted with local sculpture and is next to a dam which is suitable for swimming in non-drought times.
Garden Sculpture
View of house from dam
Firewood Plantation
A firewood plantation has recently been established to provide wood for future heating.
Firewood Plantation

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