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Chinaman Creek House is at 930 Lewis Road, Woodbrook via Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
Postal address: PO Box 768 Castlemaine, Victoria Australia 3450

Chinaman Creek House is approximately 7 kms from Castlemaine in Central Victoria - about 7 to 10 minute drive from Castlemaine Post Office.

Maldon is about 10kms or a 10 to 15 minute drive.

We will send you a more detailed map when you book.

Brett Tyler and Liz Caffin have been living in and around Castlemaine for the past 30 years.

Brett is a multi-talented person, being qualified to check your
mental state, to supervise your revegation projects, entertain you with song and dance, and to fill your garden with stunning sculptural apparitions.......

Liz Caffin is a printmaker -look for her webpage,

Also see Chinaman Creek House on Facebook
Brett and Liz

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